Monday 20 July 2015

Sri Lanka...the final instalment

Arriving in Yala at night to the sights of wild bore lining the road made me smile. All I could think of was the Lion King. I had never been on safari before so I was really excited to see what it was all about.

Jetwing is a beautiful place so after a huge feast at breakfast, there was some pool chill time prior to heading out to see the animals. After surfing almost every day for the past 3 weeks, it was nice to just have some chill time and a swim! 

The safari was pretty cool! We saw some massive crocodiles, lots of bambis (spotted deer), beautiful birds - bee eaters, painted storks, pelicans, ibis (to name a few) and elephants. I was so desperate to see a leopard but I guess they were hiding out. There's rumours that the animals have started to migrate East - perhaps as a result of the ever increasing traffic in the park itself. 

Seeing all those beautiful creatures in the wild was really special. It's a whole different world out there and it makes you feel pretty tiny! 

We visited a little spot to jump out of the jeep to stretch our legs. Our driver explained that there was a memorial here for the people who died in the tsunami back in 2004. He told us about how many of the safari jeeps in that exact spot had been taken. It felt kind of spooky being there and made me feel sad to think of all the people who lost their lives that day. 

The little bay was pretty and lined with small fishing huts. I even saw a wave breaking there too. Of course I didn't have my surf board with me and I guess surfing in the national park probably isn't allowed! 

We headed out of the park for sunset. Our time in Sri Lanka was coming to an end. Koslanda was the last spot on the itinerary. 

The trip to Koslanda wasn't so far and we arrived to absolute tranquility! We were the only people there and it really was so peaceful. 

Living heritage grow all their own vegetables and herbs. We got to taste coffee beans from the tree and the whole place just smelt of jasmine flowers. 

The rooms were so cool. We had a whole courtyard to ourselves and a jacuzzi bath outside. Definitely a highlight!

They even had their own private waterfall that we hiked through the jungle too! I have to say passing massive elephant foot prints in the tracks and huge snake mounds did freak me out a little but then arriving to this made it all seem ok! 

I had never swam under a waterfall like this before and it was so special. 

Sitting out as the sun came down, I just reflected on everything. My time spent in Sri Lanka had been so incredible. Better than I could ever have imagined or expected. I had made real friends, experienced so much culture, tasted new food, seen beautiful wildlife and scenes that I'll always remember. Plus I had gained so much confidence in the water. So it was farewell to Sri Lanka and the Maldives was the next spot. I know one thing for sure, that I will definitely be coming back to this beautiful country again soon ❤️

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