Wednesday 1 July 2015

Sri Lanka Part 2 - Arugambay ❤️

Where to even start...Heading to Arugambay from Ella was about a 3 hour drive. Picked up by Janaka (who now feels like family) meant we could take one more trip up the falls en route and this time we went a bit higher! 

As we drove down through the mountains, things started to flatten out and get hotter and hotter! I knew as soon as I saw an elephant en route that this was going to be pretty special. 

Finally, after a few hours on the road, I caught my first glimpse of the ocean and the swell lines rolling in! Couldn't wait to get to Coco Bay to explore.

Coco Bay is such a beautiful little haven. A mere 10 minute walk from main point and nestled in tranquility. 

After settling in, we took a stroll down to the beach and I got my first look at Arugam bay's stunning shoreline. 

The first few days were pretty mellow wave wise and gave me a chance to settle into life here. We took a couple of trips up north for some fun little waves. I had forgot how amazing it is to be surfing in tropical waters ❤️

King Kannan as we named him was the best Tuk Tuk driver we could have ever wished to meet. He knew all the spots and found elephants at the side of the road and plenty of other wildlife too. 

Kannan also took us to his family home near Lighthouse  Point where we enjoyed coconuts and peanuts from his family farm. 

Kannan also had us to his home for dinner. He made me auntie to his little boy, which I am stoked about. There were plenty of high fives and cuddles. I am seriously going to miss that wee face! 

The big swell that was forecast hit and it didn't disappoint. I was pretty tentative the first few days and when the swell arrived, in my heart I just wanted to be out there but in my head, I just kept going straight back to the accident and psyched myself out.   I got to know the local surfers pretty well and they rip! Asanka and Praneeth were two of the boys who really impressed me.  They also looked out for me a lot in the water and thanks to their help, I paddled out and bagged myself one of these beauties.

Asanka below, recovering from an ankle injury. 

It was solid out there and by far the biggest I had surfed since the accident and my injury. Of course I was terrified, my heart pounding as I scrambled over the sets but when I paddled in, I guess instinct just took over and my body took control over my head. Literally the best feeling in the world to catch that wave. I can't even describe! As always I am just so thankful to be back out in the water and being able to surf the waves that day with the locals was really special. Surf pics to follow...

This smiley face pretty much sums up my hype over being out there again though. Feeling really stoked I went out there. 

We took a trip to elephant rock one evening with Kannan to watch the sunrise. Sri Lanka really is such a stunningly beautiful country. 

Kannan also took us out on a 5am fishing mission one morning. Paddling out on the catamaran at 5 in the morning was a little different to being out in the line up at 5am! Watching the sun come up as the boats paddled out was so pretty! 

We didn't bring home any dinner but it was ace fun! 

We took a trip on a boat in the Mangroves that evening, which was super nice. We saw and elephant bathing, crocodiles and lots of beautiful birds. 

As if things couldn't get any better, I also saw resident dog at Coco Bay, Laki, give birth to 9 puppies. It was so special. Those little pups are just so precious and I could easily have sneaked one into my board bag to take home! Hehe. 

I can't put into words how special my time spent in Arugambay was. The place, the waves, the sunshine but most of all the incredible people that I have become friends with for life!

You know it has been a good trip when you don't want to leave and you actually shed a few tears on your departure. Everyone at Coco Bay became like family over the two weeks and I will miss them all very much. Thank you for sharing your world with me and making me feel so welcome and like part of the family! 

After the goodbyes, it was off to the next part of the adventure - Yala National Park. Seeing this guy on the road out there was unreal! I have never been chased by and elephant but this guy had a good go at chasing after the car! I couldn't wait to get to Yala and head out on safari ❤️

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