Saturday 21 November 2015

California Dreamin'

Finally getting around to writing a few words about my trip to California in October. Such a special place and amazing to catch up with some old friends and new ones!

The waves and weather provided. The whole El NiƱo made for some pretty sick and warm surfs. 

First stop was Ventura for some sick little peelers. Just what was needed after the long flight and the drive out of LA - waking up to this! 

Next stop was up through Morro Bay. Early morning runs and kayaking out on the lake was so beautiful. Such a peaceful and sleepy town! 

Truckin' up through Big Sur was epic. Miss this truck so much and this view! 

Big Sur and Highway 1 are so special. Still such a beautiful and unspoilt part of the west coast.

We trekked right up to Monterey and then headed back down the 1 via Carmel. Those white sands ❤️

There's some pretty rad places in California but one of my favourites is up in the hills of Santa Barbara. Feels like your on top of the world up there.

Next stop was Oceanside via the desert... Joshua trees are pretty cool! 

I love Oceanside. Sick waves and such a good vibe. Best view from the hotel room too! 

The sunsets mesmerised me. Red and orange skies. Sunsets dreams are made of...

Skate, surfs and early morning runs. Plus heaps of hang times with some special people. Happy times in Oceanside!

The best thing about Oceanside is that it's 15 minutes south of Trestles. I felt so lucky and blessed to be out here surfing again. 
Where else can you skate to the break and cross the train tracks to get to the waves? 
With the world junior champs on at Oceanside, I managed to sneak a few quiet sessions at Uppers. Sun shining and perfect A-Frame peaks. The picture doesn't do it justice but it shows how quiet it was! 

50 minutes south of Oceanside is San Diego. Such a beautiful city ❤️

Last stop on the adventure was Huntington Beach via a couple of stops in Dana point and Laguna beach. 

A couple of nights in Huntington was the perfect way to end this amazing Californian adventure. I even managed to get some new ink to map what's been an amazing year of adventures for me!

You can't really get much better than an epic Californian road trip with surf, hikes, kayaks, skates and friends. I am still so in love with this amazing place ❤️

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