Saturday 22 September 2012


Been having a great run of swell here in the south west of France so decided to take a wee trip down to Mundaka.  We left super early when it was still dark and crossing through the Pyrenees into Spain was looking pretty bleak.  We left the sunshine behind and I wasn't too hopeful of scoring any waves.  We eventually arrived at the sign and headed round the corner down the hill.  I could see breaking waves and it looked pretty decent.  The tide wasn't quite right when we arrived but we decided to get in as the car park was starting to fill up.  The paddle out was a bit bizarre...through the harbour and into the river which sucked me out pretty fast but eventually I made it into the line up.  Literally within 10 minutes...the waves just started pumping!  It was so glassy and it was amazing to watch some of the locals get insane barrels then spat out at the end.  There was around 20 locals up on the peak and around 10 more of us a little further down.  I got some of the best waves I think I've ever caught...just flawless and the setting is so pretty.  The sun came out when we paddled in but the wind picked up and the tide changed again but it was so worth every minute of the trek for 2 hours of perfection :)

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