Wednesday 30 November 2011

Fighting Fear Premiere in Landaan Town!

Had the best fun in London for The Fighting Fear Premiere.  Bra Boys is one of my all time fav surfing films so I kind of already knew I was going to love Fighting Fear but it totally surpassed my expectations - awesome film and could well be my new fav!  It was great to finally meet everyone from O'Neill too and all of the other riders - everyone is lovely :)  So delighted that I was invited to go down and given the chance to be part of it all.

Having a wee chat with Mark...

Chillin with Ritchie and his lovely lady Lucia

Waiting outside to go in and getting very excited

The boys talking to Macario about the film and about Through The Whisky Barrel

A wee wander around Covent Garden - London is pretty cool even though there isn't any sea for miles

The biggest Christmas tree I've ever seen!

Rudolph and me :)

The boys living it up at the Prem

Breakfast in Covent Garden

Crazy Squirrels in Hyde Park - that little nutter almost climbed up my skirt!

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