Sunday 23 October 2011

A massive day in Thurso

Chris Clarke on a total bomb!

It's fair to say I was shitting myself when Boydie persuaded me to paddle out into massive Thurso East.  Looking back on some of the video footage that was taken, the faces were easy 3 times the size of me and I'm 5'1.   It was great experience to paddle out there and watch Micah, Boydie, Chris and Rick dominate.  They are so confident especially watching them put in turns and get amazing barrels on those giant sets.  After about half an hour of being out there, I finally plucked up the courage to go for a smaller inside wave. Heart was pounding when I paddled in and just shut my eyes and prayed I made the drop.  What a relief when I felt the board under my feet, bottom turned and looked up to a face walling up ahead of me and easy twice the size of me...too scared to try and turns and just pumped along til the barrel section took me out.  Bang! Popped up quite quickly and only took one set to the head but got out to the channel and that was enough for me.  Was so stoked all night after that one :)  

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